Gap messenger

if you need to know weather of your city or pray time, Just Do free subscription of @pweather

one of oldest bot in this app.

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27 January 2024 | 12:40

How to Create a Channel?
1. Click on (+) on main page
2. Click on "Create Channel"
3. Fill The Form and then Click on "OK" Button

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17 November 2023 | 01:33

How to play Games in gap without install any apps?
for visual games you can do like the video.
games list(will be updated):
simple math problems @game_224_bot
2048 game @game_2048_bot
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16 November 2023 | 01:37

everything is fine now.

13 November 2023 | 05:15

temporary issues exist and you may face them
please be patient

13 November 2023 | 11:26

you can receive your city's current weather and Praying Time.
Click on the username (@pweather) and subscribe. Then send your city name with your language or English or Persian.
If it occurred any errors, please wait some minutes, then try another time.

12 November 2023 | 11:04

in future:
end-to-end encryption of 6 contacts video call in Gap-10
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29 September 2023 | 08:13

How to send a message as a reply?
just swap left.


30 July 2023 | 03:31

Free Cloud Permanent Space?

1. click on three lines

2. click on the cloud icon

3. send your media files and messages in your "my Gap"

feel free, if you remove your data from your phone, it is still accessible on Gap Messenger.

Upload files up to 1GB

unlimited files


15 July 2023 | 07:53

You can add videos and pictures to your profile gallery.
Just go to settings > click on your profile picture > click on the camera button > click on the gallery item in the menu.


5 July 2023 | 06:19

if you don't like to get notifications of channels, groups, or chats, you can disable notifications of each of them

1 July 2023 | 11:26

1: Personal Media file Gallery
2: Settings Menu
3: Find people near you
4: Version of The App
5: Manage your accounts (multiple accounts in one app)


13 June 2023 | 02:19

how to open "App's Menu"?

click on three lines in chat list page.


13 June 2023 | 02:19

In the past few hours, a heavy DDOS attack against the servers of the chat messenger and the editor's social network
It was done from abroad.
Due to the heavy traffic volume of this attack, users' access paths to chat and editing were slow or disrupted.
With the cooperation of the infrastructure communications company's security systems, the attack was repelled and now the chat and editing are back to normal conditions.

12 June 2023 | 07:08

follow other channels:
👉👉👉 @Internationals
قنوات مختلفة

11 May 2023 | 06:54
icon download gap-V9.20B804.apk

📣📣 Gap 9.20 released 🎊
‏« exchange messages between other Iranian messenger system »

- improvement
- fixing reported bugs

update right now. direct download or (all stores)


11 May 2023 | 04:12

how to send a voice message or video note?

you can see a microphone icon in the right corner of the bottom. click and hold and talk.
if you want to send a video note, Tap on the icon before holding it. the icon shape will be changed to a camera icon.

if you need to lock on the action, hold on to the icon and drag up and drop. the action will be locked and you don't need to hold your finger on the screen.

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11 May 2023 | 04:08

Quality Options for video.
in this feature the user can choose how much should be quality of the video before share it.
it depends on quality of original video too but totally, always included "low quality" and "original quality" .

All users can upload files up to 1 gigabyte.

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12 April 2023 | 02:31