Initial Enquiries

  • What is Gap?

    Gap, is a unique cloud-based communication app with value added service like no other international messaging apps, it fulfils all communicational needs of different users such as private encrypted conversation, the creation of group and channel, group chats. And another unique feature is having the backend for developers!

  • Do you need Mobile/Cell number for connecting to Gap?

    Yes, for registering in Gap, you must enter your mobile/ cell number.

  • Will other users know my number?

    No, neither party will see the others phone number, however, there is an exception. if you have somebody‘s number saved as a contact and then when you send him/her a message, your number also becomes visible to him/her.

  • How do I install Gap on a mobile/cell phone or tablet?

    It depends on your device operating system, (iOS, Android) you can download Android version of Gap from the URL or Google plays store and for iOS, you can download from the Apple store. After installing Gap, for activation, you should enter your mobile/cell number in the relevant box so that you get the 4-digit verification code via SMS. If you did not receive the text message, the code would be announced to you by a voice call.

  • How can I use the Gap on my PC?

    For accessing gap on your PC or laptop, you should use our web version. Just go to URL

  • What do you see on the first page of Gap?

    After entering the Gap, you can see 5 sections in the top of the first page as below:

    1) User setting

    2) Search

    3) Conversations (chats)

    4) Your contacts

    5) Gap world (information's, services and entertainments)

  • What parts are there in the user menu on the android version?

    1) My Gap: A cloudy space for archiving files, images, information and ... as private data.

    2) Gap world: ...

    3) Stickers: Here, you can install new stickers or delete the existing ones.

    4) Favorites: there is a list of all images, videos, files, messages and ... that you marked them as your favorites.

    5) Login to the web with QR Code: you can access your gap account via our web client just by holding just your mobile's camera opposite the shown barcode in web client page.

    6) Support: If you have any question about Gap, you can contact relevant experts here.

    7) Settings: here is some settings for Gap (This section will be described in its related section)

    8) Invite friends: The basic invitation is done by a simple SMS. It will be charged as standard outgoing SMS by your carrier. Naturally, you have other options to bring your friends here. Try sending them a download link via any other messaging service such as email, Telegram, WhatsApp and etc.

  • How do we update the Gap contacts in the mobile version?

    For updating the contacts, in the contacts section, touch the page and drag it to the bottom to be updated.

  • What do the symbols (watch, one tick, double ticks and eye) mean in the sent messages?

    These marks indicate the status of your message

    Watch: It means your message is now sending to the server.

    One tick:Your message has been received on the server but as your contact is not online and he/she has not received the message on his account.

    Double tick:Your message has been received by your contact account but it is unread.

    Eye:Your contact has received and read the message.

  • How do I block a contact?

    At the conversation section with the related contact, touch on his/her name at top of the page then adds him/her to the blacklist.


  • How do I create a group?

    Tap the green "plus icon" in the down right corner in the chat screen then select the "Create Group" item. Now select the contacts you want to add to the group. Tap the word "continue" on the top right of the current page. At the next page, write a name for the group and select the type of that (private or public), make an identifier then write the Group description (It is not necessary).

  • How do I create a channel?

    The process is like the group creation but you tap the Create Channel at the first screen.

  • What is the difference between private channel/group and public channel/group?

    At the private channel/group, new members can be added just by the owner of the channel/group but at the public channel/group, new members can be added by all members of the channel/group. And, at the public channel/group, there is a link for joining others but we do have not such a link in private channel/groups.

  • How do I inactivate the notification sound in channels/groups

    there are two ways:

    A) After entering to the related channel/group, tap the setting in the top right of the current screen then select the "silent".

    B) After entering to the related channel/group, tap on the channel/group name then activate the "Silent" from settings.

  • How do I leave a channel/group?

    Enter to that channel/group then tap on the setting in the top right of the current screen. Now, tap on the "Delete History and Leave channel/group".

  • How do I add an administrator to a channel/group?

    If you are the owner (channel/group creator), enter to the related channel/group, tap on the channel/group name then touch the setting on the top right and tap "Set Admin". Now touch "Add admin" then tap on each member that you want to set as admin.

  • How do I change the name of the channel/group?

    Enter to the related channel/group, tap on that channel/group name then touch the setting on the top right and tap "Change Group Name". Now, write a new name then Ok it.

  • How do I delete the history of a group?

    Touch the related group and hold it to a menu be opened then tap on the "Delete History". Now your history in this group is deleted.

  • چگونه کانال خود را در لیست دنیای خدمات و اطلاعات گپ اضافه کنم؟

    در صورتی که کانال فعالی دارید که بطور روزانه و منظم در آن به انتشار مطالب مفید می پردازید می توانید از طریق بخش پشتیبانی گپ درخواست افزودن به لیست کانال های برگزیده را ثبت نمایید. بعد از بررسی درصورت تأیید صلاحیت کانال شما؛ این کانال به لیست دنیای خدمات و اطلاعات گپ افزوده خواهد شد.

  • آیا گپ؛ کانال رسمی و تأیید شده دارد؟ چگونه در آن ها عضو شویم؟

    در گپ؛ بخشی تحت عنوان دنیای گپ (خدمات، اطلاعات و سرگرمی) در نظر گرفته شده که در آن لیست کانال های رسمی و برگزیده درج شده است. کانال های این بخش در دسته بندی های مختلفی قرار گرفته اند که اغلب نیازهای مخاطبان را پاسخ می دهد. برای عضویت در کانال های رسمی گپ؛ می توانید از طریق منوی کاربری گزینه دنیای گپ را انتخاب نمایید و در صفحه بعد؛ کانال مطلوب خود را فعال نمایید.همچنین لازم به ذکر است لیست کانال های رسمی شما در تب سوم اپلیکیشن گپ قابل دسترس می باشد.

User menu

  • What's "My Gap" and how does it work?

    It is a cloud storage that here you can save messages and images; store and archive voices, music’s, videos and afterwards forward them to others. This information is usable on the web client, IOS etc.

  • How do I install new stickers or remove the existing ones?

    Go to user menu--> stickers. In this part, you have access to various complete packs of stickers. You can install your favorite stickers or remove the previous ones.

  • How do I ask my other questions?

    It is enough that you tap on the support section of the user menu. Here, you can ask your questions, offer suggestions and so on. Our experts will answer to your requests during office hours.

  • How do I invite my friends to Gap?

    Here, you can send the APK file via Bluetooth or share the download link of Gap Messenger via other tools such email, Telegram, and so on.

  • How do I enter to web version as quickly as possible?

    There is a choice for entering to the web version that is named "entering with QR Code". If you choose it in URL a barcode will be shown to you. Now, in your mobile, tap on the "login to the web with QR code" in user menu then hold your mobile camera just opposite the shown barcode on the web and scan it. you will enter to web version at once.


  • How do I change my profile in Gap?

    After entering to the user menu, tap on the circular icon or image at top of the current page. Here you can change your name, image, username and the description that will be shown to others.

  • How do I customize my Gap application? (change in fonts, background, theme)

    For changing the font (size and type), background and theme of your Gap APP, go to user menu -->settings -->chat settings.

  • How do I manage notifications in Gap?

    To do this, go to user menu -->settings --> notification settings. Here, you can turn the notifications on or off for chats, groups, in-app Notification.

  • How do I deactivate Badge in Gap?

    To do this, go to user menu -->settings --> notification settings -->Badge. Here, you can change the status of that for messages.

  • How do we define a password for entering to Gap?

    If you're looking for more security and privacy protection, you can define a password in order to enter to Gap. To do this, go to user menu -->settings --> password. Here, you can activate the password then enter your desired password. Changing it is also possible here.

  • Where can I see the blocked users in my Gap?

    Go to user menu -->settings --> Blacklist. Here, you can remove the black status from any blocked contact.

  • How can I activate and deactivate the Auto download of images, videos, sound, music and files?

    To do this, go to user menu --> settings -->Auto download. Here you can activate or deactivate the auto-download while using mobile data or Wi-Fi.

  • How do I clear the Cache?

    Go to user menu --> settings --> clear Cache. Here you can delete the Cache of videos, images, voices and so on separately.

  • How can I change the language of Gap?

    It is enough to go to user menu --> settings --> language settings. Here you can change the language of the Gap.

  • What languages are supported by Gap?

    Gap messenger has been translated into Persian, Arabic, Turkish and English.

  • How can I be informed from notifications although I'm not in Gap APP?

    Go to user menu --> settings --> Always enabled. Now, APP service is running in the background and always will be accessible.

  • How can I be informed that which devices have been connected to my Gap?

    To see that, go to user menu --> settings --> active sessions. You will see all the sessions that have been connected to your Gap account.

    If there is any unknown session, you can delete it. In this case, that device will not able to connect to your account and his/her access will be terminated.

  • How Do I delete my account?

    To do that, go to user menu --> settings --> active sessions -->delete account.